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Trusted by agencies and brands:

Trusted by agencies and brands

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum budget is $250 per campaign.

It is determined based on product’s category – how natural it is for consumers to post about that specific product. Other notable variables are the form of the post (moving picture or video / photo), on which social network (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) you want micro influencer to post, location, size of micro-influencers’ followers base.

If your product falls into the most popular categories among consumers (fashion, food etc.) and you aim for photo content from micro influencers who have at least 1000 followers each then a product giveaway + $50 per post. If the product falls into a more complex category (vehicles, electronics etc.) and for instance you aim for video posts only, price per post can reach $100-500. Before starting any campaign, you will see the exact price per post.

No, we don’t offer one-off posts.

There are 2 options – micro-influencers can order directly from your website. Alternatively we can provide you with micro-influencers’ physical addresses where to send the products.

You can choose how many posts you want to receive from each micro influencer. It can be 1, 2 or more. We recommend choosing at least 2 – the micro-influencer would show that he indeed is using your product in his daily life.