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Micro influencer management for agencies

We manage social media micro influencer marketing campaigns on behalf of agencies, at scale

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We’re a trusted influencer management partner for agencies:

Why your agency should care about micro influencer marketing?

It’s no secret that people don’t engage with branded content anymore. They want to engage with authentic experiences of everyday social media users – micro influencers. Brands are already spending an estimated $1 billion a year on Instagram influencer marketing and it’s only 3x less than on Instagram Ads.

Social media micro influencers are one of the most effective way to reach consumers. Influencer marketing is more likely than TV, Facebook or YouTube ads to influence brand adoption.*
*2017 top 100 Millennial Brands Report

Why work with us?

Influencer management

Our full service team is managing end-to-end influencer campaigns: from micro influencer identification to driving conversations, curating content, tracking and reporting.

Influencer marketing platform for scale

We built our cutting-edge influencer marketing platform in-house. This enables us to handle thousands of relationships with micro influencers around the globe, run campaigns at scale, and on time.

Pay for results

We work for results and get paid for results. No setup or activation fee, no software licensing fee, no billable hours, no contracts.
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Influencer marketing examples

micro influencers


Vizeum partnered with Unboxed to find social media micro influencers who enjoy cooking at home and eating healthy

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What do our influencer marketing partners say?

“As an agency, we value smooth processes, on-time reports and quality results. Our client was nicely surprised with social media micro-influencers’ high quality photos and how they managed to present the products given to them.

Prior to working with Unboxed, our client thought such results were only achievable through celebrities and well-known bloggers.”

Gytaute Krasauskiene,
Account executive at Vizeum

A great example of a successful micro influencer campaign can be seen with the collaboration of the large retail eyewear company Fielmann, and Zenith Media.

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average post engagement rate


Andrius Perevicius,
Digital Account Manager at Zenith

What do our influencer marketing partners say?

“Consumers trust friends and other consumers the most. User-generated content is authentic and it works!

The Unboxed platform is a unique and convenient influencer management solution, it saves time and can be seamlessly integrated into media campaigns. Our clients are happy and so are we!”

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