How micro influencers helped Philips to drive online and foot traffic to stores

Philips wanted to introduce a brand new line of products in an authentic way and stand out from the crowd.

Unboxed took their target audience, identified them on social media, and asked them to try some of the products and post their experience through social posts. Unboxed achieved it in 3 steps:

1. Searching and selecting the best micro-influencers

What is important in this stage:

  • The quality of content created by an influencer.
  • The relevance between an influencer’s audience and a target audience of a brand
  • An engagement and activity of influencer’s audience

2. Presenting products for selected micro-influencers

What is important in this stage:

  • Signing a formal agreement which ensures rights to the upcoming content and which defines the motivation of an influencer
  • In-depth analysis of a desired result
  • Continuous communication and logistics management

3. Testing products and generating content

What is important in this stage:

  • Meeting deadlines of a desired content
  • The control of content quality

Campaign results

Philips has successfully used micro influencers’ posts collected from social media to drive additional online and foot traffic to stores.

Micro-influencers created:

48 posts