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Micro-influencers are social media users. Their followers usually consist of family and friends, so their posts are much more trustworthy and engaging.

From time to time they love to try new products and share their honest opinion – tell an authentic product story to their followers.

How product stories work

How Unboxed
can help

Generate new product stories on social media

Unboxed platform will help you to find the best micro-influencers relevant to your brand, connect with them, give them products to try out and ask to create product stories.

Collect stories from social media

Unboxed platform will help you to automatically collect product stories from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Moreover, you’ll be able to tag your products to the best stories.

Publish stories across marketing channels

Product stories can be published across all your marketing channels – brand website, eCommerce site, Facebook Ads, etc. Of course, it can also be done on your Social Landing page which can be built within minutes on the Unboxed platform.

Track performance and optimize

You’ve always wondered what content helps buyers to make a buying decision? With Unboxed, it’s easy to measure the performance of each product story. Therefore, you can invest into generating even more of a similar content.

Success story

Philips aim to introduce a brand new line of products in the authentic way and stand out from the crowd. We helped to identify active moms on social media and asked them to try some of the products. The results were overwhelming:

Moms created
66 stories
Organic reach

Philips has successfully used those stories gathered from social media on Social landing pages to drive online and foot traffic to the stores.

The Secret to Micro-Influencer Marketing for Agencies

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